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Tenants Guide

Application & References

When a suitable property to let has been found all persons over the age of eighteen will complete an Application Form and will be named on the Tenancy Agreement. We will take up references on behalf of our client, the landlord, which will include a credit reference/check, an employer's or accountant and previous landlord reference (if applicable).

Tenants initial costs

A non refundable Holding Deposit is payable to secure the property and this is then deducted from your first month's rent. First month’s rent and the Security Deposit (one and a half months rent) are payable in advance.

When will I be a B-Spoke tenant? What do I pay and when do I sign my lease?

Once your references and credit checks have been received and approved, you will agree a date for the commencement of your tenancy. Cleared funds are required on or before the agreed date and all lease documentation signed prior to keys being provided.

Security Deposit

Before your tenancy commences you will be required to pay a security deposit equivalent to one and a half months rent.

Tenancy Agreement

You will sign a Tenancy Agreement. This is a contract setting out the landlord and tenant obligations

Rental Payments

Rents are payable in advance by standing order.

Tenant’s Obligations

You should be aware that responsibility for the property remains with the tenant during any tenancy. It is particularly important that any problems are reported immediately and the property is fully secure at all times.

The Agent’s Obligations

The obligation of B-Spoke Lettings will vary depending on which service we provide to the landlord.

Holding Keys

B-Spoke Lettings may hold keys depending on which service we provide for the Landlord.

Property Walk Round

All properties managed by B-Spoke Lettings will require a walk round. The purpose of this is to check the cleanliness, garden maintenance and the way in which the tenancy is being conducted.


An inventory for the property, its contents, furniture, fittings and effects will normally have been prepared. This should be checked and signed.


Once you have signed a tenancy agreement we will contact the gas & electricity provider to register your details with them. It is important you ensure you receive a communication from them and set up the necessary payment facilities.

Television Licence

You are responsible for the television licence regardless of whether or not a television is provided by the landlord.

Council Tax

It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the Council Tax direct to the local authority and proof of payment will be needed to allow B-Spoke Lettings to refund the deposit. We will contact the local council to register your details with them. It is important you ensure you receive a communication from them and set up the necessary payment facilities.


The tenant is responsible for insuring his/her own personal belongings and furnishings. Should you require insurance B-Spoke Lettings can provide a competitive quote.


Should the property be burgled during the tenancy, you should contact the Police and B-Spoke Lettings immediately.


Unless B-Spoke Lettings have contacted you for access for either a contractor or a property walk round, do not allow access to the property for your own safety.